jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2014


viernes, 4 de julio de 2014

RIO SANTO FILMS S.A.C. talleres y servicios

Estimados amigos en Cristo y María,
Paz y bien. Ponemos a vuestro conocimiento los servicios de nuestra productora cinematográfica: "Rio Santo Films S.A.C." Agradecemos nos escriban para cualquier consulta, que les responderemos en brevedad.

Servicios que ofrecemos:
Talleres de análisis de cine católico.
Elaboración de guiones para radio, t.v. y cine católico.
Realización de videos documentales e institucionales católicos.
Filmación de entrevistas para t.v. católica.
Asesoría de pre-producción y producción de películas, documentales y series de televisión católicas.
Filmación de videoclips música católica.
Bendiciones en la Santísima Trinidad,
Eduardo Ramos Olivera
Gerente General de Rio Santo Films S.A.C.
E-mail: riosantofilms@gmail.com

lunes, 14 de abril de 2014

Etapa de Pre-producción de la película "Enmienda Estructural"

Para mí, el arte cinematográfico, es el lenguaje del anti – culto de imagen

“Para mí, el arte cinematográfico, es el lenguaje del anti – culto de imagen, de la anti- estética apabullante, del desengaño de disfraces y máscaras que utilizan una lista interminable de psicópatas, ladrones, embusteros, estafadores y criminales, donde uno ya no se puede regir por las apariencias propagandistas, un lugar donde la desconfianza camina pretenciosa, sonriente y segura, creyendo que nunca será descubierta ni enmarrocada.”- Director & Guionista, Eduardo Ramos Olivera

"For me, art cinema is the language of anti - cult image, the anti- overwhelming aesthetic, the disillusion of costumes and masks that a long list of psychopaths, thieves, liars, crooks and criminals use, where one   can´t be governed by the propagandists appearances anymore, a place where distrust pretentiously walks, smiles and feels secure, believing they will never be discovered or handcuff."- Director & Screenwriter, Eduardo Ramos Olivera

jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

Film Analysis of: "American Psycho" (USA, 2000) directed by Mary Harron. Article written by: Eduardo Ramos Olivera.

Egocentrism, overvaluation of talents, verbal loquacity reaching unilateralism obsessive compulsive monologues, hedonistic self-suggestions of what could presumably be the business and social success that broadcast media offers through the commercial market, targeting the elite consumer, ultra - violent and sadomasochistic sex, serial killings, insensitivity towards the pain of others, uncontrollable spins of fast ideas and criminal actions whose main character, a psychopath, masterfully manages to be characterized by the great British actor Christian Bale in the acid film " American Psycho " (EEUU 2000), directed by Canadian writer - director Mary Harron, whose script is based on the homonymous literary work of American writer Bret Easton Ellis. Filming in luxurious locations, exclusive restaurants, scenes of money being wasted by the main character and his colleagues, drug abuse such as cocaine and alcohol, are constantly seducing the audience´s radar, challenging the viewer's senses, leaving aside the crimes committed previously by the main character, also, the impossibility to denunciate and reject the social circle gear and their ideologies of power abuse that relentlessly confronts the viewer radically. The film is also  narratively psychopath. How to recognize today a psychopath, while mass media promotes selfishness and degradation of women as a goal in order to reach happiness, the greatest achievement of all? “American Psycho”, a polarizing movie that every film festival should screen!